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Electric rickshaws, commonly known as e-rickshaws, have established themselves as a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation in many parts of the world, especially in densely populated urban areas. These compact, battery-powered vehicles offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional autorickshaws and other fossil fuel-based transportation. E-rickshaws feature low running costs, reduced CO2 emissions and minimal noise pollution, making them an ideal choice for short-distance transportation and last-mile connectivity. E-rickshaws have not only revolutionized the way people travel within cities but have also created employment opportunities for many as these vehicles require operators and maintenance staff. They provide a convenient and affordable service, easing the daily commute of millions of people, particularly in metropolitan areas where congestion and air pollution remain a persistent challenge. Furthermore, e-rickshaws contribute to a cleaner and greener environment and are in line with the global shift towards sustainable and environmentally conscious transport solutions. As cities continue to grow and struggle with traffic congestion and pollution, e-rickshaws and their services play a critical role in addressing these issues by providing city dwellers with a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable mode of transportation.
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